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Face To Face


Quenum is an extraordinary individual. A professional breakdancer that was raised in Africa, he found love in London in the 80s through mastering the art of DJing to early electronic music and broke into the spotlight as Acess58 in the 90s before forming the Cadenza label with Luciano in 2003.

His debut album ‘Face To Face’ is deliriously deep and melancholic, rhythmically complex and gives a fragile new voice to techno. Across the eleven original tracks, Phillippe Quenum exudes a graceful temperance creating tracks that flutter and take flight (indulge in the soothing hi­hats of ‘Escales’ and synth voices of ‘Children Of The Sun’) as well as rattle the bass bins (sample the raw energy of ‘Basic Solution’ and delicate power of ‘Ritual’). Both sparse and insightful (‘My People’) as well as intricate and anthemic (Never Loose My Soul’) Quenum’s delivery is always quirky and slightly surprising and ‘Face To Face’ is a curious analysis into this honest musical soul.


 o Deejaying since the early 80’s and living in London throughout the 90’s, Quenum gained notoriety founding Acess58 in 1996, before moving to Geneva and setting up Num records in 2005. Together with Luciano, Quenum founded the uber­successful label Cadenza, finding a home for their first collaboration “Orange Mistake” ­ one of the most played tracks of the last ten years in the techno circuit. More recently, Quenum partnered with Swiss producer Dachschund to found the Clapper imprint.

o+ Philippe Quenum is a key figure within the techno scene, garnering a considerable stream of releases on labels including Contexterrior, Crosstown Rebels, Orac, Trapez, Serialism and Toys for Boys, with tracks appearing on close to 20 compilations on labels such as Fabric (Carl Craig) and Cocoon.

o+o Crediting his childhood in Africa and his family background for his musical taste, Quenum has worked on music for documentaries and had a career as a break­dancer. A keen experimenter, his productions are known for their simplicity yet richness in detail. His flawless mixing technique and live sets are constantly redefining and upgrading abstract electronic dance music.






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