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Benoit & Sergio
Where The Freaks Have No Name

After several years perfecting and honing their art, the four musketeers: Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss and Shaun Reeves, collectively known as Visionquest, unleash their sonic imprint upon the earth. The debut release goes to their great friends and production maestros Benoit & Sergio, who offer up the dark, strange high that is ‘Where The Freaks Have No Name.’

Presenting the first release on the most eagerly anticipated new label of recent times, Benoit & Sergio are techno producers with great electro pop sensibilities with previously notable releases on Spectral Sound and a forthcoming well-hyped release on DFA in early 2011. Hailing from Washington DC, and dividing their time between there and Berlin, this three track EP highlights their comprehensive production skills perfectly. 

The opening track, ‘Walk and Talk’, has become a staple of Visionquest sets, already proving a firm favourite with the crowds. But the track is also and ultimately a heart-felt lament to an anesthetized lover--quintessential romantic techno. Contextualized rhythms and sounds pop in and out of the hypnotic groove as the ethereal vocal adds even more hallucinogenic resonance to this underground anthem.

Next up is the title track, ‘Where The Freaks Have No Name’, another killer slice of electronic psychosis.  Ominous sonic sound sledges give way, mid-track, to hypnotic arpeggios and a deep, lopsided bassline that pushes the freaks deeper onto dance floor. On the flip, the opus ‘Day Residue’ evokes the complex ethereality of a Perlonized "Avalon" by Roxy Music. Clocking in at almost 10 minutes, this is an epic piece of electronic music beautifully made, like an old home or the firmament.

The Visionquest imprint will go beyond where music labels have gone before. With diversity and innovation at its heart, it is set to introduce a cream of talent including Footprintz, Tale Of Us, Niki Nakazawa as well as releases by the Visionquest themselves. With limited edition 12” artwork and extra surprises to be found within the sleeve, Visionquest will bring value back into music ownership and explore daring avenues, breaking down the boundaries from their own DJ style and embracing all types of music in their path.

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